Tipo 00 vs. Type 550 - What is the difference?

Have you ever wanted to know how Italian Tipo 00 flour differs from type 550 flour? Is it worth going to the Italian specialist shop? Well, no. Let me briefly explain what the type designations stand for.

How is flour produced?

Commercially available white flour is produced by milling soft wheat. Different types of flour can be produced in the process. They differ according to their Mineral content. And it is precisely this mineral content that is indicated by the mysterious type designation.

Let us now try to imagine a grain of wheat. For the sake of simplicity, I divide the grain into hull and endosperm. The hull has the highest mineral content. The endosperm, on the other hand, has a much lower level of minerals.

When wheat is milled into flour, the wheat grains go through several processes that ensure that the hull and endosperm are separated from each other. The fewer parts of the hull remain, the lower the concentration of minerals in the flour.

Where does the number 550 come from?

To determine the type of flour, 100g of flour is burnt. Minerals do not burn up in the process. What remains? Exactly, ash. If, for example, approx. 550 mg of ash remains after the burning of 100 g of flour, this is type 550 flour. The lower the type number, the less hull material is in the flour. As a reminder, the hull and outer layer have the highest mineral content. In the endosperm, the protein and starch content is higher.

Protein and starch for the perfect Pizza

The endosperm consists mainly of protein and starch. Starch serves as a food source for the YeastIf the temperature is right, the yeast comes up to speed and eats the starch. Carbon dioxide and ethanolare produced as by-products. Additionaly, it ensures that the dough grows and becomes airy. The second gives the dough flavour. The role of protein is equally important. The more protein in the flour, the more elastic and stretchy the pizza dough becomes.

What is Tipo 00 flour?

Tipo 00 flour from Italy is equivalent to type 550 white flour in Germany or Switzerland. The degree of grinding and ash content are very similar.In Italy, only other type designations are used.

The perfect pizza dough is made when the protein content in the flour is approx. 12-13% and the starch content is approx. 72%. Once you have found the right flour, you can use the Pizza Dough Calculator to calculate the quantities for the other ingredients and get started straight away.


  1. Hallo,

    ich würde gern wissen, ob man das gleiche Mehl typ 00 oder 550 für PIzza und Pasta verweden kann?
    Ist typ 550 noch ein Hartweizengrieß? Ist Typ 00 ein Hartweizengrieß?

    Lg Paul

  2. Ursula Brenner

    it is hard for me to choose the flour, since we don’t have numbers on it here in Australia.
    We have Bakers flour and normal Flour. Pizza flour I just ordered.
    My rolls are not as fluffy inside as i would like with bakers Flour . Would it be better to use normal Flour or Pizza Flour? My Husband makes Bread with the Bakers flour and it is lovely.
    Thanks for your advice

  3. Hallo was ist gemeint mit Hydratation?

  4. Hello. Can you please write a detailed recipe for Neapolitan Pizza? Like when and how should I ferment the dough in fridge?


  5. Was für ein Unsinn!
    Tipo 00 besteht aus HARTweizen und ist somit selbstverständlich was Anderes als 550.