Guide: Pasta Tool Essentials

It has to be useful, but can also look cool

Let's be honest, everything is much more fun with the right tools. The mobile phone with apps, jogging with a tracking device and good headphones. Making pasta is no different. I have compiled the most important tools for pasta preparation for you here:

The machine

Without it, (almost) nothing works. Whether you're a beginner or a complete pro, the pasta machine is always at your side, so treat it well and it will give you pleasure for a long time.

The board

Mostly underestimated but indispensable for good pasta: the wooden pasta board. Pasta dough does not like cold surfaces (such as chrome steel or marble); a "warm surface" made of wood is much better. Authentic Italian pasta has been prepared this way for generations.

The pot

What is the right pot for pasta? I didn't bother with this for a long time until I got the tip to use an asparagus pot. In disbelief, I tried it out for the first time and the asparagus pot finally convinced me. It's the ideal tool, especially if you want to serve several different pasta variations or cook for a large number of people. The clue is not to pour off the water, but just to fill it up and cook the next batch of pasta straight away. Due to the starch that the pasta releases into the cooking water, a "skin" forms on the surface over time, like when you boil milk.

The scraper

The perfect tool for working and processing your dough. It helps you from the first minute of kneading, when you use it to scrape flour back into the kneading mass or to scrape sticky dough residues off the pasta board. But it's also there when you want to separate a unit from the dough for the next pasta rolling cycle.

These are the most important utensils for pasta making. I will add more tools from time to time. If you have any favourites or other tools, please leave a comment below.

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