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Pastaboard from Gattino Nero™ by Pizza Pasta Bros. for making and processing pasta dough the traditional way. The Pastaboard belongs in the basic equipment of every kitchen and is not only for pasta lovers. Each board is lovingly produced by hand with Swiss quality in Zurich.All parts are precisely manufactured, glued and buttered for a long shelf life.

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The high quality Gattino Nero™ Pastaboard by Pizza Pasta Bros. is the perfect helper when it comes to perfectioning your handmade pasta. The Pastaboard is made of wood, which benefits the consistency of the dough and ultimately the taste of the pasta. Thanks to its width and depth, our Pastaboard offers plenty of space to knead the dough and shape the pasta, just as it is traditionally done in Italy.

The side walls prevent the flour from spreading all over the kitchen. There are anti-slip nubs on the underside so that the board does not slip when kneading.

The Pastaboard is made 100% in Switzerland from Swiss wood.
All side walls are manufactured and glued for an exact fit. The surfaces are buttered.

Handmade in Switzerland!

Use:       Production and processing of pasta dough

Mass:       73,5×56,5×8,5cm

Material: Wood(Spruce, CH)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 79 × 62 × 22 cm
Important notes

The surfaces of the pastaboard are lightly buttered. This serves the durability of the Pastaboard, but has no odour or taste effect on the dough.

Discolouration of the surfaces may occur over time due to use, as the Pastaboard is made of wood, a natural product.

Care instructions

After using the board, wipe off the excess flour with a dry cloth. Remove any residual dough with a dough scraper.
The surface treatment can be refreshed at any time with a little olive oil.


Spruce, CH

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  1. Terryl

    Does the job. Exactly what I was looking for.

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