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Dough box from Gattino Nero™ by Pizza Pasta Bros. for the preparation of dough in the traditional way. The Madia belongs to the basic equipment of all pizza lovers. Each Madia is lovingly handmade in Zurich with Swiss quality. Glued, screwed and buttered for a long shelf life.

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Our high quality Madia from Gattino Nero™ by Pizza Pasta Bros. allows you to prepare dough the traditional way. The dough is kneaded directly in the Madia and rests there until the dough is ready to be used. The Madia comes with a wooden lid that keeps the dough from drying out. The ergonomic side handles allow you to carry the box with lid safely and comfortably.

To further protect the dough from drying out, a damp kitchen towel can easily be placed between the madia and the lid.

The Madia is made 100% in Switzerland from Swiss wood.
All side panels are screwed and glued. The surfaces are buttered.

Handmade in Switzerland!

Use: Production/processing of pizza dough

Mass: 40×30×14cm

Material: Wood(Spruce, CH)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 36 × 19 cm
Important notes

The surfaces of the Madia are lightly buttered. This serves the durability of the madia, but has no odor or taste effect on the dough.

Discoloration of the surfaces may occur over time due to use, as the Madia is made of natural product wood.

Care instructions

After using the dough box, gently remove the dough residue with a dough scraper.
The surface treatment can be refreshed at any time with a little olive oil.


Spruce, CH

2 reviews for La Madia

  1. Markus Stucker

    Top Verarbeitung!

  2. Salvatore

    Klasse Produkt! Pizza machen macht doppelt so viel Spass damit! Herzlichen Dank Pizza Pasta Bros.

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